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Tonga can legitimately claim the title as the ‘tropical fishing eldorado’ with 170 islands, stretching over 740,000 square kilometres of ocean.

Welcome to the South Pacific’s premier hub for exciting game fishing. In close proximity to the Kingdom of Tonga’s pristine shores, the immense Tonga Trench drops off precipitately to depths of over 1000 metres, sustaining large pelagic species including blue, black and striped marlin, barracuda, yellow fin tuna, mahi mahi, wahoo and sailfish. Based mainly in the island labyrinth of the Vava’u group, Tonga’s game fishing fleet is the largest in the Pacific, and the challenge to ‘land the big one’ can be undertaken year round just a short boat journey from the safe harbour of Neifau’s Port of Refuge. Tonga is renowned as one of the best places on the planet for anglers to test themselves against the mighty blue marlin, and other formidable pelagics like giant trevally can even be caught from the shore. Around the island of Tongatapu and the central Ha’apai group, professional fishing charter companies utilise fish aggregating devices to ensure the presence of large pelagics. Here’s your chance to return home after your holiday as a world champion.

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