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Snorkelling and reef viewing opportunities abound in Tonga.  It is a virtual paradise for those who love to snorkel. Warm crystal clear, shallow coral lagoons team with tropical fish of all varieties and colours.

Don’t forget to pack an underwater camera. More than 150 different species of colourful tropical fish and 176 different islands make the Kingdom of Tonga a paradise for snorkelling fans. Diverse and pristine underwater landscapes include vibrant coral gardens or dramatic drop offs just metres from sandy beaches, accessible year round to visitors of all ages and abilities. The Kingdom’s ultimate snorkelling thrill is getting up close and personal with humpback whales from June to November. Sharing the wild Pacific blue with a mother and her calf is an essential and authentic Tongan experience. Graceful black-and-yellow angelfish and curious clown fish (AKA ‘Nemo’) drift on shifting currents on Tonga’s reefs, among some of the richest and most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Tonga’s azure blue waters also sustain a colourful community including dolphins, sea turtles, coral trout and sleek reef sharks. Beyond the easily accessed reefs, Tonga’s laidback tour operators guide visitors by boat or kayak to more remote snorkelling locations on outer islands and atolls. Snorkelers can often join dive trips to experience the best of Tonga’s underwater spectacle, and a personal slice of liquid heaven is often just a short paddle away.

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